Zmesh Floor Warming or Primary Heating Systems

Zmesh is a safe, UL listed, low-voltage heating element that comes in either a 9" or 12" wide bronze mesh rolls, similar to screen door material. Because of its low profile (only 1/16th of an inch) you can install any type of floor surface over the Zmesh element with no need for cement or under floor support. Since it is already a screen surface, Zmesh can be stapled, nailed, screwed through or glued down without affecting the element or its performance making it the most versatile heating element available.

Zmesh Floor Warming

ZMesh is a unique product because no other heating product can match its characteristics. This slow, even heat growth coupled with the exclusive ability to be nailed or screwed through anywhere in the layout allows you to choose any type of wood including exotics, wide or short plank, hard or soft woods.

Zmesh Staples Down

One of the best features of Zmesh Low Voltage Heating is yet to come. In time, if you get tired of the floor covering, it can be removed without damaging the Zmesh element so that you can then install another floor covering without having to repurchase a new floor warming system.

Zmesh Under Solid Oak

Installed on the plywood substrate under any type of floor covering

600sf Carpeted Great Room and Kitchen with peninsula using solid oak

Retro-fit under finished hardwood

ZMesh can be retrofit up between the joists below the floor you want to warm. The pictures below are viewed looking up from the basement. The Zmesh low voltage element was installed when the hydronics system failed and the homeowner didn't want to lose the mahagony hardwood floor installed over it.

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