Radiant Heating Information

Elegant floor coverings are the perfect way to add beauty and style to your new home or remodeling project. However, often times wood, stone, marble and tile only appear inviting but are uncomfortably cold. Radiant floor warming systems add comfortable warmth to your home from the floor up. The luxury of radiant floor warming systems provide quiet, constant, uniform heat under cold surfaces leaving them comfortable to the touch and adding unseen elegance to your home.

If you are building a new home or remodeling any of your floors, now is the time to add this wonderful luxury. Our product was designed specifically to be installed under hardwood, carpet or tiled floors with no floor buildup or extra floor or structural support needed. Comfort Radiant will custom design a system that will fit your individual project. The unique heating element can also be retro-fitted between floor joists to heat an existing floor or room.

When floor warming is the objective, Comfort Radiant’s products are used in conjunction with the primary heat source to provide warm, inviting floors or supplemental heat. Small to large areas can be warmed very easily with either our Floorizwarm for smaller applications or Zmesh and Tuff Cable for larger systems. Additionally, floor areas that are not contiguous can be warmed with one standard Control Unit simply by bridging between areas, thus decreasing component costs.

Comfort Radiant offers the longest warranty on the heating element in the industry. The entire system is solid state, has no moving parts to wear out and requires no routine maintenance. Our heating elements are the most durable available and are backed by an industry leading 25 year manufacturer's warranty.

What is Radiant Heating?
Radiant heat warms the closest and coldest mass which then radiates heat throughout that space evenly. In other words, radiant heat warms colder objects. Radiant heat will comfortably heat the floors, tables and people.

What Does Radiant Heat Feel Like?
When you stroll along the beach on a sunny day and feel the warm sand underneath your feet, you're feeling radiant heat. Hold a mug that was warmed because of the hot drink inside, then you're feeling radiant heat. When you stand outside on a cold day and your feet get cold, they aren't absorbing the cold, your feet are radiating your heat into the ground. We are natural radiant heat producers. Objects absorb radiant heat until they are the same temperature as the heat source, then the heat slowly escapes to the closest, colder masses.

How Radiant Heat Works
In a high voltage electric radiant heat system, line voltage electricity is sent through the conductive heating material. In our safer low voltage system, the line voltage is converted to between 8-30 Volts of electricity in the control unit and this low current is then sent through the heating element. The low-voltage elements we utilize are either Zmesh or Tuff Cable, depending on the installation.

The radiant heat then passes through the floor and continues to warm other objects in the room: tables, chairs, walls and you. Radiant heat will warm the room and its objects from the floor up towards the ceiling. It gives you just a natural feeling of warmth throughout. No more dry, dusty forced air sent through ducts. No more baseboard heaters that send the warmth to the ceiling before they warm you. The 7 day, 24 hour thermostat will maintain the tempertaure. Most important with low-voltage radiant, the system is off when the desired temperature is reached.

In another type of radiant heat, a boiler is needed to keep the water/glycol mix hot and circulating through the winter. When the thermostat calls for heat, valves open to let the waiting hot water pass. This can account for as many as 2000 on/off cycles from the boiler through the winter wasting a considerable amount of energy. As the water passes through the tubing lines, the heat is radiated into the surrounding concrete. As the water and glycol mix circulates further away from the furnace, it gets cooler causing cold areas of the floor. Conversely, low-voltage radiant heat is on when you want it and off when you don't. Further, it is the same temperature throughout the grid at all times.

Low-Voltage radiant heat will give you the most consistent room temperature from floor to ceiling compared to any other heating system.  It is 100% efficient because all of the heat that is produced is utilized by you. Link to comparison charts

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