Tuff Cable Low Voltage Floor Warming or Primary Space Heating Systems

Tuff Cable can be used for floor warming or primary space heating. It is a safe, long lasting element that is chemical and water resistant.

Tuff Cable is designed to be installed either in a mortar or similar cement-type of material. It can be used under any kind of stone, marble, ceramic or porcelain tile or in a new stained and polished concrete surface up to 6" thick.

The Tuff Cable systems utilizing state of the art components and Low Voltage technology. The Tuff Cable system is virtually maintenance free and is safe and 100% efficient.

Tuff Cable, like Zmesh, comes with a limited 25-year, non-prorated element warranty and is engineered to provide simple and problem-free solutions. Our low-voltage products have been in use since 1979.

Tuff Cable can also be attached to a reinforcement mesh in new poured concrete or taped down to a membrane prior to applying a new surface in a bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you wish to have a warm floor. Tuff Cable can be installed on the shower floor or on the shower seat.

Have you ever sat on a cold shower seat? WHOOAA!

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