Tuff Cable Under-Metal Roof Snow and Ice Melting Systems


Heatizon's exclusive Invizimelt panel kits are the only system available that are approved for use under metal, slate or membrane roof surfaces for snow and ice melting. The Tuff Cable low voltage heating element is snapped into the Invizimelt panel and covered with aluminum tape. This design allows for 100% of the heat to be utilized across the panel.

Unlike other systems that only heat one foot of the roof's edge, the Invizimelt panel system heats from the drip edge up to the point where the interior heat is already melting snow from above allowing it to flow to the ground leaving no cold areas that will refreeze.

The Invizimelt panels are only 1/4" finished height so the finished roofing panels lay smoothly over them showing no bumps or ridges and there's plenty of nailing/screwing surface to work with.

Heatizon's Tuff Cable and Zmesh low voltage heating elements are the ONLY products manuafactured to meet UL standards and are listed for under roofing materials. No other product on the market can (honestly) make this claim.

Add these features to a 25-year, non-prorated element warranty to the clean design and you'll have a system that actually adds value to your home or business.

The Invizimelt Panel system allows the Tuff Cable low voltage heating element to be installed under almost any raised metal, asphalt, membrane or stone surface.

Heatsink Under-Metal System

The two pictures below, show the before and after metal roof with the Tuff Cable low voltage heating element inserted in the Heatsink system. The "after" picture speaks for itself. We also heated the slab below to prevent the building's power source from being covered with snow as well. You can't get a better, more efficient result from any other source of radiant heating on the market.

Heatizon's Tuff Cable heating element is a durable, cut-to-length, insulated copper cable that is chemical and gasoline resistant and is designed to be installed as either a retro-fit or a new install application. The Tuff Cable element also carries a full 25 year, non-prorated warranty, the same as all of Heatizon's low voltage heating elements.

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