"Floorizwarm" Low Voltage Cable Kits

The Floorizwarm low voltage floor warming system is the most advanced electric radiant floor warming system available for smaller areas. This product was designed specifically for areas ranging from 15 to 110 square feet.

The single heating element allows you to shape the layout to avoid any obstacle in the room so there are literally no cold spots. The low voltage Tuff Cable heating element is the ONLY heating element that can be safely cut in the field and "jumped" through a shower curb or wall and onto a shower floor or up to the shower seat. Ever sit on a cold shower seat?

Even better, if you need more heat in the shower because it has an exterior wall or two, you can run the Tuff Cable low voltage heating element on the wall behind the tile to add more heat to the shower or tub.

Each system includes a roll of Tuff Cable to fit the shape of any room up to 110 square feet of covered floor area, a Digital, Touch-Screen, 7-Day programmable Thermostat with an in-floor sensor and a low-voltage transformer control box. The Tuff Cable element is smaller than 3/16" (2.87mm) in diameter so it can easily be installed directly under the any tile right in the mortar, thinset or self leveling compound without adding any floor height to the project.


  • 15sf - 20sf
  • 20sf - 25sf
  • 25sf - 36sf
  • 36sf - 50sf
  • 50sf - 64sf
  • 64sf - 75sf
  • 75sf - 110sf


The Floorizwarm Control Box houses a small transformer that converts 120 Volts down to 30 volts or less. This safely produces luxurious warmth and comfort for your small area application. The Floorizwarm system utilizes Heatizon's Tuff Cable technology that is a heating element manufactured from the finest materials.

The Floorizwarm Tuff Cable heating element is a 14 gage copper stranded wire with an insulator that is resistant to the chemicals found in thinset, self-leveling compound (SLC), concrete and other mortar applications. With 30 volts or less running through the low voltage radiant heating element, it can well outlast its competition.


With no moving parts to replace, the Floorizwarm low voltage floor warming system is virtually maintenance free. Like all our low voltage heating elements, the Floorizwarm Tuff Cable element carries a 25-year, non-prorated element warranty.

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