Snow and Ice Melting Controls

M329 Zone Selector Panel
M330 Multiple Relay Panels
The M330 Series of Relay Panels Allows the User to Control up to 4 Independant Zones Manually or with an External Activation Device

M330G-40: Relay Panel with Independant GFEP Protection
This relay panel gives GFEP protection and activation control over each circuit independantly. Click to See Open Panel
M330G-4: Relay Panel with Overall GFCI/GFEP Protection
This panel gives overall GFEP Protection with independant circuit activation control.
Click to See Open Panel
M330: Basic Relay Panel
This panel gives independant switching ability for line voltage control. External Activation, GFEP or GFCI protection are not included Click to See Open Panel
M346 Monitoring Station
Designed to Monitor any Heatizon Snow Melting, Floor Warming or Pipe Trace System.

  • Activates and Monitors Up To 12 Zones
  • Works with Both Low or Line Voltage Systems
  • 12vdc Fault Output for BMS Systems
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