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We are proud to say that all of Heatizon's low voltage products are made here in the U.S. primarily from recyclable materials and produce no emmissions. These radiant heat products were “green” long before green construction became popular.

Electric radiant heating is clean, comfortable and 100% energy efficient. Heatizon offers the industry's best electric radiant heating products, utilizing low or line voltage technology. Their products can be easily installed under tile, linoleum, solid hardwood, engineered woods or carpet with no floor buildup or extra structural support required.

This same technolgy is also used outside on the ground for snow melting on driveways, sidewalks or handicap ramps or on your roof for snow and ice melting. We also have the only heating element on the market UL approved for use under-shingles, membrane or metal roof snow melting and deicing. All our Heatizon low voltage elements carry an industry leading 25-year non-prorated element warranty and is unsurpassed in the industry.

Comfort Radiant® provides the most technologically advanced electric radiant systems available today. Comfort Radiant® is an authorized distributor and installer of Heatizon and Danfoss Radiant heating and snow melting systems.


1st Place Winner for 5 years !
Heatizon Products have won the Radiant Panel Association System Showcase Award for each of the 5 years entered.